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Article Published In Vol.2 (March-April-2014)

A Comparative Study of Aerobic and Anaerobic Fitness between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Game Players in West Bengal

Pages : 203-206

Author : Azizul Haque and Dr.Sandip Sankar Ghosh

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Optimal performance requires a combination of technical and tactical abilities as well as a high degree of physical fitness. Aerobic and anaerobic fitness is the basic to indigenous and non-indigenous games. So it was intended to determine the aerobic and anaerobic fitness of indigenous game like kho-kho and non-indigenous game like volleyball players. Several different games like Kho-kho is played in the country with their origin in ancient times. Playing such games may aid in the promotion of physical prowess and multilateral motor development. The sports of western origin became popular due to their distinguishing features, utility and having convinced their importance extensively. Indigenous games of India have been largely unstudied and it would appear timely pertinent to pursue research in a systematic manner. For the purpose of the study eighty male players (indigenous sport- kho-kho N=40, non-indigenous game–volleyball N=40) were selected randomly from the different level of competition in West Bengal at the age of 16 to 18 years. The data was analyzed and compared with the help of standard statistical procedure in which mean. Standard deviation (S.D), standard error of mean (S.E.M) and independent- t test was used. The level of significance was set at 0.05. Result of this study revealed that the significance difference exist in anaerobic fitness & aerobic fitness between two groups. The results also showed that the indigenous sport (kho-kho) players were better than non-indigenous game (volleyball) players.

Keywords: Aerobic and Anaerobic Fitness, Indigenous game (kho-kho), Non-indigenous game (volleyball).





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