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Article Published In Vol.5 (March-April-2017)

A Study on the Customer Awareness of Wearable Technology (with a special reference to Delhi/ NCR)

Pages : 293-298

Author : Shweta Nanda

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As the need to continuously monitor the health related parameters exist, with ease of technology through internet of things, their lies tremendous scope to use many low-power sensors on the human body to monitor things like electrocardiograph (ECG), temperature and all of the other required physiological parameters. Wearable systems are totally nonobtrusive devices that allow not only the physicians to overcome the limitations of ambulatory technology but also provide the fitness vitals to be tracked by sportsperson or a fitness freak. Wearable sensors and systems have evolved to the point that they can be considered ready for clinical application (Bonato, 2003).The large number of companies has recently started investing aggressively in the development of wearable products for clinical applications. Stable trends showing a growth in the use of this technology suggest that soon wearable systems will be part of routine clinical evaluations. This conceptual paper mainly focuses on the three important variables of consumer awareness and acceptance of Wearable Device with respect to various industry verticals and customer base. 1) number of cases where when physicians want to monitor individuals whose chronic condition includes risk of sudden acute events or individuals for whom interventions need to be assessed in the home and outdoor environment 2) Affordability status of such device 3) Consumer awareness and knowledge about its function.

Keywords: Wearable sensors, Consumer Awareness, Affordability, Clinical Application, Internet of Things.



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