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Article Published In Vol.4 (Jan-Feb-2016)

Accidently Perceived Condylar Aplasia- A Rare Case Report

Pages : 102-104

Author : Dr.Ranjeet.Surwase, Dr.Abhay.Kulkarni, Dr.Pratik.Parkarwar, Dr.Nahush Chaudhari and Dr.Ashutosh Tervankar

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Mandibular condyle aplasia is an incongruity usually manifests in association with a variety of syndromes. It is considered as an extremely exceptional stipulation, if it is not usually seen in union with any other developmental anomalies. The incidence is expected 1 in 5600. It occurs due to growth instability in the development of condyle in utero late in the first trimester. The case here reported with malaligned teeth and wants to get it corrected. He had anterior teeth proclined with anterior deep bite. On radiographic examination we noticed absence of right side condyle. The etiology of this condition was unknown, on clinical and radiographic examination we revealed complete absence of condyle on right side. Proper diagnosis along with differentiation from the syndromic cases is important. The aim of this article is to present a peculiar type of mandibular asymmetry with non syndromic condylar aplasia.

Keywords: Condyle, syndrome, aplasia, mandiblular asymmetry, growth instability.





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