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Article Published In Vol.8 (Jan-Feb-2020)

Application of Learning Model Peer Tutoring with Module to Improve the Effectiveness of Learning in Primary Teacher School Study Program in Trilogi University

Pages : 53-58, DOI:

Author : Febrianti Yuli Satriyani

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This study aims to improve the effectiveness of learning in Classroom Action Research courses by applying learning models peer tutoring using modules. This research is a Classroom Action Research conducted in two cycles. Each cycle consists of planning, implementing, observing and reflecting. The subjects of this study were the eighth-semester students of the 36 Trilogy University Primary School Teacher Education Study Program. Data sources came from students and lecturers. Data collection techniques are done by tests, interviews, documentation, observation and literature study. Data analysis uses descriptive qualitative analysis techniques. The results showed that the application of the model peer teaching with modules could improve the effectiveness of learning as evidenced by, (1) the activeness of students during discussions in the learning process in cycle one reached 50% and increased to 90% in the second cycle, (2) attainment of attitude indicators positive students in the first cycle reached 40% and rose to 90% in the second cycle, and (3) the achievement of the completion of the task from cycle one by 50% increased to 100% in the second cycle. It can be concluded that the application of the model peer tutoring with modules can increase the effectiveness of learning in cycle one to cycle two on three aspects namely, (1) student activeness in discussion increases by 40%, (2) an increase in positive student attitudes increases by 50% and ( 3) achievement of learning outcomes increased by 50%.
Keywords: Peer Tutoring, Module Media, Effectiveness of Learning



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