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Article Published In Vol.6 (March-April-2018)

Awareness of Foot Care Among Patients with Diabetes Mellitus attending a Tertiary Care Hospital

Pages : 309-311, DOI:

Author : Dr.P.Ganesh Kumar, MS., Dr. P. Venkateswaran MS., and Damini.T

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Objective: To assess the awareness of diabetes foot and care for foot in known diabetic patients.
Methods: A cross- sectional study was carried out using non probability convenience sampling wherein 150 diabetic respondents who fulfilled the inclusion criteria were included. A pre-tested questionnaire were used to assess their knowledge and practices regarding foot care. 14 questions were asked and one point was allotted for each of 7 questions among them. A score of more than 70% (5-7) was considered good, score of 40% – 70% (3 – 5) was considered satisfactory and less than 40% (below 3) was considered poor.
Results: The age of the respondents selected were above 50 years. About 48.7% of the respondents had good awareness, 38.6% had satisfactory awareness and 12.7% had poor awareness. Literacy status of the respondents seems to have a significant association with their awareness. Economic status is not a significant factor.

Keywords: Diabetic patients etc.



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