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Article Published In Vol.6 (May-June-2018)

Benefits, Mechanisms and Challenges of Integration of Internal Displaced People into Local Community-The Case of Garowe

Pages : 428-438, DOI:

Author : Abdikadir Abdimalik Mohamud, Prof. Willy Muturi and Prof. Mohamed Said Samantar

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Puntland is home to an estimated 270,000 internally displaced persons in Galkaio, Bossaso, Garowe, Garden, Goldogob and Burtinle. Intermarriage with the host community is negligible, with violations of human right abuses among other challenges. The objective was to explore the Benefits, Mechanism and Challenges in Integrating IDPs in to local community. The research employed a descriptive research design. The research used both quantitative and quantitative approach strives for precision, Simiyu (2012). The study used a sample size of 154. The findings reveal that the benefit of local Integrating was rated as very high. Results reveal that the challenges of local integration was rated as very high. Results reveal that the level of mechanism of local integration were rated as very high. The findings agree with IASC, (2009), calling for facilitating rapid access to humanitarian and development. In conclusion, on the mechanism of integration, based on promoting expansion of basic economic requirements of the displaced communities, without affecting the host community and accessing work and income, the study recommended that local integration should be a desirable settlement solution for IDPs, to enhance integration more emphasize should be put on employment opportunities and provision of wealth and education.

Keywords: Internal Displaced People etc.



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