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Article Published In Vol.10 (May-June 2022)

Biofungicidal and Bicontrol Activity of Cannabis sativa Against Pytopathogenic Phytophthora capsici Fungi.

Pages : 200-203, DOI:

Author : Rajeev Kumar, Romika Bhardwaj, Preeti, Sameer, Jatin and Sachin Kumar

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In vitro fungitoxic activity of Cannabis sativa leaf extracts against Phytopthora capsici isolated from (Solanum Tuberosum potato and Capsicum annuum) was studied in acetone, ethanol, methanol, and water in various solvents. The food poisoning technique was used to measure fungitoxicity, which comprised utilising different extracts at 200mg/ml and documenting their activity as radial growth and percentage inhibition. The only extracts that totally stopped the fungus from developing were ethanol and acetone extracts. The fungus was 50% suppressed by methanol, while the aqueous extract had no impact. The findings suggest that ethanol and acetone extract of Cannabis sativa can be used as a biofungicide to control pathogenic fungi.

Keywords: Phytophthora, Cannabis, Biocontrol, Fungi, Fungicides.



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