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Article Published In Vol.2 (Nov-Dec-2014)

Childhood Pneumonia at Omdurman Paediatric Hospital, Khartoum, Sudan

Pages : 1139-1141

Author : Abdelsafi A Gabbad, Goaher M Abd Alrahman and Mohammed A Elawad

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An epidemiological study was carried out in Omdurman Paediatric Hospital, Khartoum, Sudan about childhood pneumonia. The study aimed at measuring the proportion of pneumonia among attendant children and to highlight the disease-related factors. A questionnaire was used to collect required data from 282 of children. The answers were given by their mothers. The proportion of pneumonia in children was 20.2%. The disease was more frequent in males rather than females with Odds Ratio (OR) = 2.4123 – 95% and Confidence Interval (CI) = from 1.3361 to 4.3555. There was statistical association between pneumonia and age of child (X2 = 55.169 – P value = 0.000), family income (X2 = 26.862 – P value = 0.00000147), family residence (Relative Risk (RR) = 2.657, 95% Confidence Interval (CI) = from 1.9391 to 3.6402) and mother’s education (X2 = 56.58, P value = 0.000). The study concluded that childhood pneumonia still common among children less than five years of age.

Keywords: Childhood, pneumonia, paediatric, hospital, Sudan




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