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Article Published In Vol.7 (Nov-Dec-2019)

China Pakistan Economic Corridor-A Game Changer for regional prosperity with fears

Pages : 726-731, DOI:

Author : Dr Sajid Mehmood Shahzad

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China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has turned a new leaf in historically proven Sino-Pakistan relations. CPEC is expected to give easier and cheaper access to China with regional countries by connecting Gwadar port with western China. No doubt it’s a game changer not only for Pakistan but for entire region with a string of unknown fears. A critical analysis has been carried out during the discourse of subject research in the backdrop of unknown fears attached with CPEC. The surge in trade investment and financial flow would bring not just peace and prosperity to the region through enhancement in the competitiveness of the economies of the countries, but also better living standards seeking to reduce regional disparities and social inequality and improve life expectancy as well as quality of life in the country and in adjoining region. At the same time there is a dire need to address some of the fears to boost the prevailing snail pace speed of the CPEC.

Keywords: CPEC, reality, prosperity, benefits, fear, analysis



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