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Article Published In Vol.5 (May-June-2017)

Collecting Regarding Consumptions Styles and Behaviors

Pages : 654-658

Author : Arash Allahdini, Shahrzad Chitsaz and Hamid Saeedi

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Collecting is mentioned as a kind of consumption by many scientists. However, there are varieties in the type of consumptions which are also related to the behavior of the consumer. This paper regarding comprehensive review of the literature focuses on consumption behavior and considers it through collecting. The related researches categorize the factors which influence on collecting consumption to compulsive purchase, obsession, culture, desires, luxury aspects, a kind of addiction, set completion, passion, social activities, prestige, financial causes and limitations, the elements related to value, and etc. Besides, issues related to collecting consumption are also considered as issues for society, family, and individuals. Collecting is a type of consumption beyond everyday needs. It is luxury and based on desire. Collecting also transfers consumable features to culture.

Keywords: Consumer behavior, Consumer style, Buying style, Decision making



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