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Article Published In Vol.12 (May-June 2024)

Comparative Analysis of Stills: Environmental Impact and Energy Efficiency throughWood Consumption Quantity

Pages : 268-272, DOI:

Author : RAZAFIMANDIMBY Fabrice, Jean Claude RAKOTOARISOA, RAKOTONIRINA Jimmy Bona Michel and Nirinarison Jean RAZAFINJAKA

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Our research focuses on a comparative analysis of stills in Nosy-Be, aiming to assess their environmental impact and
energy efficiency through wood consumption. To this end, three methods were employed. Firstly, a comparative
approach between traditional and modern stills was conducted, revealing that they exhibit higher wood and energy consumption than their contemporary counterparts. Secondly, a predictive method based on linear regression was used to estimate wood consumption based on still capacity, demonstrating a positive correlation between still capacity and predicted wood consumption. Finally, a temporal analysis of wood consumption was conducted, considering time and wood quality, revealing significant variations in wood consumption based on these factors. This study has provided an in-depth insight into the energy efficiency of stills in Nosy-Be, highlighting key considerations for the sustainable use of forest resources in this region.

Keywords: Stills, environmental impact, energy efficiency, wood consumption, comparative method, predictive method, temporal analysis.



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