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Article Published In Vol.3 (Jan-Feb-2015)

Congestion Control Techniques in WSN and Their Performance Comparisons

Pages : 108-113

Author : Jilani Sayyad and Dr.N.K.Choudhari

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Wireless sensor network consist of large number of nodes, when any event occurs these sensor node becomes active in transmitting, it increases data traffic. Due to large volume of data transmission and restricted bandwidth congestion occurs. This leads packets to get delay, they even may get drop, resulting in wastage of energy of the node. A congestion control scheme is necessary to regulate traffic level at an acceptable value. This paper review Data Link Layer Techniques, Network Layer Techniques, Transport Layer Techniques, Cross Layer Based Techniques and Their performance metrics, advantages and disadvantages.

Keywords: Congestion Control Techniques, Performance Comparisons of congestion control techniques, Wireless Sensor Network etc.




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