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Article Published In Vol.3 (Jan-Feb-2015)

Deflection for Beams of Self-Compacted Concrete (SCC) and Conventional Concrete for Period t= 40 Days

Pages : 42-45

Author : Mr.Sc. Arton Dautaj and Prof. Ass. Dr. Hajdar E. Sadiku

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Development trends for high rise Building or structures, modern skyscrapers request the different workability of fresh concrete to cast in properly way and to achieve the requested results. The many of factors such are: highest of the cast concrete, sections of concrete elements, request the concrete with more plasticity and higher class of consistency, the smaller size of aggregate, the compacted process, etc. The fulfilling the previous condition, using the Self Compacted Concrete is one of the aims in this paper. Considering this fact, researches for deflections, mechanical characteristics of concrete and strains have been conducted worldwide. In this line, we conducted an experimental research to determine the deflections on beams of self-compacted concrete and compared it with conventional concrete. The experimentallyobtained results will be presented for both types of concrete for: module of elasticity and deflections tests for duration
testing time t=40 days.

Keywords: Self-Compacting Concrete, Conventional Concrete, deflections, modulus of elasticity, etc.




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