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Article Published In Vol.2 (Sept-Oct-2014)

Design and Construction of a Drafting Table and Chair using Ergonomic Principles

Pages : 973-976

Author : U. Y. Aliyu, A. Tokan, B. T. Abur and M.A. Bawa

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This paper presents the design and construction of a chair and drafting table for the drafting workstation of the Kano State University of Science and Technology, Wudil, Nigeria. Anthropometric data were collated from 100 students: 97 male and 3 female students and studied. The NORDIC Musculoskeletal Questionnaire (NMQ) was used to ascertain the current status of the workstation which shows severe pains in the neck, lower back, and upper back and mild pains in the other anatomical areas. The analysis of the NORDIC questionnaire together with the anthropometric data were used in designing for the dimensions of the chair and drafting table for the workstation to alleviate the intensity of musculoskeletal trouble in the affected parts of the body and other anatomical areas. A prototype of the recommended chair with the following dimension: height 85 cm, depth 56.0 cm, width 42 cm, weight 580 N, height back rest 29 cm and drafting table: width 81.8 cm, length 93.6 cm, height 79.2 cm were fabricated using locally source materials considering the engineering properties of the materials and economic value in saving cost.

Keywords: Drafting table, Ergonomics, Anthropometry, Biomechanics





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