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Article Published In Vol.2 (Jan-Feb-2014)

Design and Implementation of a Stock Market Monitoring System: A Case Study of the Nigerian Stock Exchange

Pages : 34-38

Author : Senanu R. Okuboyejo and Daniel O. Adeyoju

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The stock market is seen as an everyday part of life in any economy is it developed or third world countries. As the world is gradually moving to the information age which a major characteristic of this age is speed; speed in sending messages, speed in healthcare delivery, speed in banking, there is a need for investors to be able to monitor their investments with speed. In this work, we introduce P-Stock, an application for monitoring the activities that go on in the stock market. It tracks stock market activities as well as using the data that has been pooled to calculate the values of stock in an investor’s portfolio all in real-time. It is hoped that this will help new investors in monitoring their investments firsthand without need for their brokers.

Keywords: Stock; stock market; stock monitoring; portfolio; Nigeria.







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