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Article Published In Vol.2 (Nov-Dec-2014)

Design & Implementation of Features based Fingerprint Image Matching System

Pages : 1183-1190

Author : Ankita Mehta and Sandeep Dhariwal

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Fingerprints are a great basis for identification of persons. Fingerprint recognition is one of oldest procedures of biometric identification. However outcome a good fingerprint image is not always easy. So a fingerprint image must be pre-processed before matching. The objective of this paper is to present animproved and enhanced fingerprint image. We have considered the factors relating to obtaining high performance feature points detection algorithm, such as image quality, separation, image improvement and feature detection. Commonly used features for increasing fingerprint image quality are Fourier spectrum energy and local orientation. Accurate separation of fingerprint ridges from noisy background is necessary. For operative enhancement and feature extraction algorithms, the segmented features must be void of noise. A pre-processing method containing of field orientation, frequency estimation, filtering, segmentation and enhancement is performed. The resulting image is applied to a thinning algorithm and subsequent minutiae extraction. The methodology of image pre-processing and minutiae extraction is discussed. The simulations are done in MATLAB environment tool to evaluate performance of the implemented algorithms. Results and observations of fingerprint images are presented at the end.

Keywords: Fingerprinting, Image Matching, feature extraction, minutia details, analysis of fingerprints.




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