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Article Published In Vol.2 (Jan-Feb-2014)

Determination of the Coupled Field Stresses on Piston by Using Finite Element Analysis in Four Stroke Engine: A Review

Pages : 139-142

Author : Nitin S.Patil and, Rajesh V.Patil

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Piston is to be one of the most important parts in a reciprocating engine in which it helps to convert the chemical energy obtained by the combustion of fuel into useful mechanical power. The purpose of the piston is to provide a means of conveying the expansion of the gasses to the crankshaft, via the connecting rod, without loss of gas from above or oil from below. Generally the piston made of Al Alloy, which is acting as heart of the I.C. engine and is a crucial part of internal combustion engines. When the combustion of fuel takes place inside engine cylinder; high temperature and pressure are developed due to combustion of the fuel. Because of high speed and at high loads, the piston is subjected to high thermal and structural stresses. If these stresses exceed the designed values, failure of piston may take place. The stresses due to combustion are considered to avoid the failure of the piston. Intensity of thermal and structural stresses should be reduced to have safe allowable limits. This review introduces an analytical study of the thermal effects and structural stresses on engine piston in the four stroke engine and analytical method to find out the stresses acting on the piston.

Keywords: Engine piston, thermal analysis, structural analysis, FE analysis







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