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Article Published In Vol.6 (July-Aug-2018)

Development of Learning Module Social Sciences Based Local Wisdom

Pages : 749-753, DOI:

Author : Dede Firman Awaludin, Eko Siswono and M Japar

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This study aims to develop a Social Science-based module of learning based on local wisdom in Elementary School. This research uses research and development method (research and development). The research procedure uses a Borg and Gall model that has ten stages, namely: (1) the study of knowing; (2) planning; (3) product development; (4) initial field trials; (5) revision of initial field trial results; (6) field trials; (7) improvement of product of field trial result (8) test of field implementation; (9) refinement of the final product; (10) deployment and usage. Instrument in this research using questionnaire to know the feasibility of the product in terms of expert validation and field trials and the next instrument using the test. Evaluation is done by three stages, the first stage of expert judgment which is done by the product expert and the material of Social Sciences. The second stage is done to evaluate small group with fifteen students. The test results state that the Social Science learning module is worth using. To know the effectiveness of developed product followed bytest field group with 30 learners. The result of t-test analysis shows the difference of learning result between pre-test and post-test. Judging from the average score, it indicates that the developed Social Science module is effectively used in developing logical and critical thinking positions for learners on Social Science lessons in Elementary School.

Keywords: Social Wisdom Learning Module Based on Local Wisdom. Elementary school



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