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Article Published In Vol.10 (Nov-Dec 2022)

Effect of Quality of Work Life on Organizational Commitment amongst Nurses in Public Hospitals in Bungoma County

Pages : 532-545, DOI:

Author : Christine A. Masinde, Janet Manyasi, Otsyula O. Joseph, Robert O. Onyango

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The quality of nursing care in health care settings is only achievable if nurses experience a better quality of their work life because nurses have a pivotal role in the delivery of care at all levels of health care facilities. However, a high turnover rate as a result of poor quality of work life of health care staff in Kenya has been observed. However, a number of studies that have explored the relationship between Quality of Work Life and Organization Commitment, majority comes from western countries and very limited in the hospital settings thus cannot be generalized to the Kenyan hospital setting. In this regard the study was designed to assess the effect of quality of work life on organizational commitment amongst nurses in public hospitals in Bungoma County. The study was guided by the following specific objectives, to determine the effect of safe and healthy work condition, work life balance, reward system on Organizational Commitment amongst nurses in public hospitals in Bungoma County. The study adopted a causal research design with a target population of 926 nurses and sample size of 274 nurses drawn from the county and sub county hospitals in Bungoma County calculated by use of the Morgan table (1970). Data was collected by use of questionnaire and was analyzed by use of inferential statistics using SPSS version 25. From the findings, Safe and healthy work condition (t = 9.519, P<.05), work life balance (t = 2.649, P<.05), and Reward system (t = 4.483, P <.05) implying that all the quality of work life practices significantly affected organizational commitment. All the three quality of work life practices understudy (Safe and health work condition, work life balance and Reward system) jointly explained 69.4 percent variation on organizational commitment. In this regard there is need for public hospitals to create an environment which promotes diversity and inclusion for teamwork and reaction to the concerns of the nurses as a means of enhancing organizational commitment as an outcome of strengthening quality of work life.

Key Words: Quality of work life and organizational commitment



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