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Article Published In Vol.6 (Sept-Oct-2018)

Evaluation of Microbial Aspects and Chemical Composition of Raw Beef Meat at Khartoum State

Pages : 1050-1052, DOI:

Author : Eiman O. Basheer, Abdelbasit B. Habib, Ibtisam H. ALhassan, Ahmed El. Ismaiel, Mohammed A. Elnour, Azza M. Khalid, Nada A. Fatehelrahman. Abubaker B. Makawi, Mamoun O. Abdelgadir and Mohammed I. Mahmoud

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This study was conducted to evaluate the microbial aspects and chemical composition of raw beef meat collected randomly from markets located at Khartoum State (Khartoum, Khartoum north and Omdurman localities). Twenty samples for each locality were collected. Samples collected were kept in a sterilized container. Microbial examinations in terms of; Total Viable Bacterial Count (TVBC) and Salmonella were determined. In addition, chemical analysis in terms of; Protein, fat and ash content were examined. The obtained results revealed that, significant (P<0.05) differences were detected among samples from the different locations with regard to protein, fat and ash contents. Samples collected had protein content ranged between 17.27% and 19.95%. Samples had fat and ash contents with an average of and respectively. Samples collected had Total Viable Bacterial Count (TVBC) ranged between 4.83 and 7.88 log10cfu/g. It is worth mentioning that, samples under investigation were Salmonella free.

Keywords: Beef meat, Salmonella, Microbial examination, Khartoum State.



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