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Article Published In Vol.3 (Sept-Oct-2015)

Experimental Investigation of Half Car Vehicle Dynamic System Subjected to Different Road Profiles with Wheel Base Delay and Nonlinear Parameters

Pages : 1030-1033

Author : S.S. Patole and Dr. S.H. Sawant

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Vibration of a vehicle is directly influenced by road roughness and suspension system. Apart from the road roughness, proper vehicle suspension system can play vital role to provide the driver and passenger comfort. For proper designing of suspension system, nonlinearities in suspension parameters must be considered. In this paper, ride comfort is analyzed by determining vertical displacement i.e bounce (Xs) and pitch (θ) of sprung mass from center of gravity for half car vehicle dynamic system. Experimental Set up is developed to determine bounce (Xs) and pitch (θ) of sprung mass by using FFT Analyzer. Experimentation is carried out for different road profiles i.e Bumpy (Sinusoidal) input, Rectangular input and Step input for ride comfort analysis.

Keywords: Half car vehicle dynamic system, Ride Comfort, Road Profile, FFT Analyzer.




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