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Article Published In Vol.5 (Nov-Dec-2017)

Exploring the Relationship between Religiosity, Brand Trust and Green Purchase Intention as a Catalyst of Attitude

Pages : 1485-1493

Author : Arslan Iftikhar, Faisal Azam, Sarfraz Ashraf, Hafiz Muhammad Tahir

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This paper wishes to scrutinize the impact of Religiosity and brand trust on attitudes and green product purchases (GPP) in Pakistan. This causal study based upon the data obtained through a questionnaire from a sample of 300 participants from different regions of Pakistan. For data analysis Structural equation modeling has been employed using Amos 22.0. The outcome of the study shows a significant impact of Attitude on purchasing eco-friendly products. In addition, Brand trust highly influence at the time of product purchase decision. Furthermore the customers those have higher level of intrinsic religious orientation have greater tendency to purchase eco-friendly products other than less religious customers. The findings of the study helps the marketers and policy makers to increase the purchasing behavior of green products and trying to persuade positive attitude changes regarding the protection of the natural environment and the effectiveness of buying eco-friendly products. The originality of research is to investigate the factors that affect eco-friendly consumer’s attitudes and behavior in developing economies is essential to mitigate the negative environmental factors and the consequences of economic growth. This study is being conducted in Pakistani culture with convenience sampling method and for further researchers should relies on self-reported proceedings of green product purchase in various regions of the world.

Keywords: Religiosity, Brand Trust, Attitude and green product purchase (GPP)



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