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Article Published In Vol.5 (July-Aug-2017)

Exploring the Safety Management Practice of the construction industry of Pakistan

Pages : 847-855

Author : Farrukh Javed and Sumbal Arif

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Safety management on construction sites had always been a major issue in the construction industry of Pakistan. The safety conditions on construction sites vary depending upon the nature of work and management commitment towards implementing safety on construction projects. There was no requirement for implementing safety management system from the government in the country. Construction companies were lacking a framework to follow for implementing safety on construction projects. The safety framework can help construction professionals to implement and improve construction safety practices on their project sites. This study presents the development of a framework for implementing safety on construction sites. An extensive literature review was carried out to design a suitable safety framework. The aim of this paper is to propose a system framework for construction site safety management and visualization system that reflects the continuous process of safety planning, educating, and inspection is studied for the successful management of the project. The questionnaire was circulated to the construction industry related firms and then results were interpreted after analysis done at SPSS software. At the end, suggestions were made for the betterment of the construction firms to maintain better safety practices.

Keywords: Management commitment, documentation and accident prevention, safety training, safety inspection, project success



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