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Article Published In Vol.6 (July-Aug-2018)

Guidance and counseling services for early childhood

Pages : 735-743, DOI:

Author : Nasution, Myrnawati^ and Yufiarti

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This research is conducted tofinding out the activity and achievement from the objectives on program and the influence on Guidance and Counseling Service at Class 1 AlAzhar Islamic Primary School 1 KebayoranBaru, Jakarta. The method of this research was evaluation program using CIPPO models that consist of Context, Inputs, Process, and Outcomes. Data was obtained through interviews, observations, questions, and document study. Data sourcescame fromschool principals, vice principals, guidance and counseling counselors, guidance and counseling teachers, and subject teachers. The criteria was on this evaluation was from The Letter Guidance on Implementation of Guidance and Counseling in Primary School and Regulation of the Minister of Education and Culture RI No. 111 of 2014 on Guidance and Counseling on Basic Education and Secondary Education. The results showed that (1) in the Context dimension, there are 90.6% means that the conformity of guidance and counseling program policy in Class 1 Al Azhar Islamic Primary School 1 KebayoranBaru, Jakarta in the context component in the category needs to be adjusted. (2) In the Inputs dimension, there were 87.3%. Thus it was included in the category adequate. This means that curriculum, BK teachers, facilities and infrastructure, financing support, material BK on the inputs component is adequate. (3) In the Process dimension, there were 96%. Thus it was included in the appropriate category. This means that the process component that serves the decisions related to the implementation of guidance and counseling services program is appropriate. (4) In the Product dimension, there were 88.5%. Thus included in the category agree. This means that almost all respondents agree about a positive change from guidance and counseling services. (5) In the Outcomes dimension, there were 85.4%. Thus it was included in the good category. This means that all students get information and strategies in achieving the task of development and eradication of the problem optimally.

Keywords: Evaluation Program, CIPPO Models, Guidance and Counseling Service, Early Childhood



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