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Article Published In Vol.7 (Jan-Feb-2019)

Health Risk Behavior amongst Adolescents in Relation to Impulsivity

Pages : 13-18, DOI:

Author : Pushpa, Sandeep Singh and Taruna

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Adolescence has always been viewed as the most crucial stage of development. However, there is no dearth of studies documenting the fact that adolescents are more likely than adults to engage in health risk behaviors. The review of researches conducted in past has identified impulsivity as one of the major causes behind the health risk behavior among adolescents. Impulsivity means acting out without any planning or inability to control an impulse. The present research study made an attempt to study health risk behaviors amongst adolescents in relation to impulsivity. The sample of the present research was comprised of 600 adolescents (N=600).Barratt Impulsiveness Scale-BIS-II (Barratt, 1995; Stanford, et al., 2009) and Health Risk Behavior Questionnaire (Singh & Pushpa, 2017) were used to measure the variables of the study. Findings of the present study revealed the significant correlation between the various dimensions of health risk behavior and impulsivity.

Keywords: Adolescents, Health risk behavior, Impulsivity



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