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Article Published In Vol.6 (July-Aug-2018)

Improvement Exposition Writing Skill through Contextual Approach

Pages : 754-759, DOI:

Author : Fani Lastianti Tiarasari, Zulela MS and Gusti Yarmi

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This objective of this research was to improve the exposition writing skill through the contextual approach on fifth grade student of Kalisari 02 Elementary School East Jakarta. This research uses an action research method consisting if two cycles. Each cycle consists of four phases: planning, action, observation, and reflection. The subjects of the research were the students on fifth grade of Kalisari 02 Elementary School East Jakarta as many as 32 students. Data were collected through observation for each student during action of learning, field notes, and documentation. The result obtained average values of exposition writing skill are 64,69 at pre-research, increase to 67,19 the first cycle and 80,13 in the second cycle, whereas the student’s score of all exposition writing indicators show significant improvement. The conclusion of this research was contextual approach is very effective to improve exposition writing skill. Not only that but applying contextual approach also can improve the quality of teaching-learning process and can improve student’s actively so it can build the active and pleasant situation in the teaching and learning process.

Keywords: Writing Skills Exposition, Contextual Approach, Elementary School



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