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Article Published In Vol.2 (March-April-2014)

Internet-Banking: A Way of Life

Pages : 226-229

Author : Seyed Mehdi Pourkiaei and Sarah Sadat Vatankhah Ardestani

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The banking industry has emerged as an integral sub-system of the financial sector which caters to banking needs of both public and private sector. Infect, banking is an institution that deals in money and its substitute and provides other financial services. Banking has modernized itself in a big way in the recent past by way of introducing vital reforms, an E-banking in its fold. E-banking not only offers supply and deliver banking products and services through various electronic delivery channels via electronic devices but also provide for efficient services. The penetration of internet in the E-banking has further taken the banking services to the new heights as the electronic devices get connected globally to share the information such as text, graphics, voice video and computer programme. Internet banking or web banking allows the banking transactions that are performed by a secured internet application. Through internet banking services, one can pay bills, transfer funds and check transactions any time of the day 24×7. Internet banking has caught the imagination of the banking industry and the people world over. In the present paper the efforts has been made to study the satisfaction level of the customers with the internet banking in the public sector bank in India.

Keywords: Internet banking etc.





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