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Article Published In Vol.2 (Jan-Feb-2014)

Investigations of Epilepsy

Pages : 143-144

Author : Shahzad Nasim, Sarwar Wasi, Zaibunnisa Siddiqi, Asma Akbar Ali & Maaz Ahmed Khan

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Epilepsy is a disorder of brain characterized by an ongoing liability to recurrent epileptic seizures [1]. Studies show that one percent of the approximately 160 million population of Pakistan has Epilepsy[2]. There are different underlying causes of epilepsy, one of them is the Genetic based cause of this brain disorder. Many Genes have been reported to contribute in Epilepsy. Targeting these Genes, medical scientists have done enormous research on this subject. To know the underlying cause of the mechanism of Epilepsy, the Investigation of Genetic Contributions in Epilepsy is required. Our work is the act or process of furnishing critical commentary of those Genes that plays an important role in causing Epilepsy. Mutations are the actual cause of any genetic disorder. We have examined these mutations in different genes and we have taken into account the number of frame shifts in the genes and also tabulate them. Functional regions present in genomic sequences also known as the Conserved regions and are identified through different bioinformatics software to show their contribution in Epilepsy.

Keyword: Epilepsy







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