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Article Published In Vol.2 (May-June-2014)

It Takes Two to Tango: Ghana Health Service and Civil Society Organisation Collaboration in Health Service Delivery in the Upper West Region, Ghana

Pages : 616-625

Author : Gordon Dandeebo and Dominic Tuobesaane Paaga

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This study examines the state of inter-sector collaboration in health care delivery between the Ghana Health Service (GHS) and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in the Upper West Region. Data was collected through semi-structured interviews. A combination of probability and non-probability sampling strategies were used to sample thirty-eight (38) respondents for the study. Data was analysed thematically. The study found that the level of collaboration between the GHS and CSOs particularly the local CSOs is weak. This has been attributed to major constraints such as limited capacities, a fragmented civil society sector and lack of effective monitoring mechanisms. These constraints notwithstanding, the study also found that there have been several benefits of the collaboration process. These include capacity building (training of staff of both the CSOs and GHS), and huge capital and social investments in the public health. It is recommended that the GHS build upon existing relationships with the CSOs, especially the local ones.

Keywords: Collaboration, civil society organizations, health services delivery, Upper West Region





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