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Article Published In Vol.3 (May-June-2015)

Java 8 New Features Improvements and Complications

Pages : 412-420

Author : Jaza Mahmood Abdullah, Mohammed Anwar Mohammed and Danial Abdulkareem Muhammed

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This paper will discuss the last version of JDK platform (JDK 8). As well as, it compares this new version with the previous versions of JDK and showing the change made in java 8 memory management. In addition, this paper aimed to present the advantages and disadvantages of the new features of JDK8. Nowadays, java language is used by many programmers to develop their projects. Therefore, appearing new advancements in java platforms are lead to change developer’s attitudes about using such language. This paper tries to answer the questioning that whether these improvements have positive or negative effects on the experienced programmer’s point of views.

Keywords: JDK 1.8, JVM, Stream, Lambda Expressions, Type annotations, Reflection.




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