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Article Published In Vol.4 (Sept-Oct-2016)

Job sharing and employees’ performance in selected manufacturing companies in Kakamega County, Kenya-A case of West Kenya Sugar Company Limited

Pages : 959-962

Author : Nixon Ambia Isabwa, Dr. Robert Egessa and Dr. Ochieng’ Isaac

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Workers well-being has gained more prominent in today’s society. Workers have faced a lot of pressure emanating from home and work thus work life balance has become a predominant issue in the workplace. Job sharing is one of the way to ensure that there is work life balance in organization for increased employees performance. This study therefore established the effect of job sharing on employeesperformance in selected manufacturing companies in Kakamega County, Kenya.This study was guided by the descriptive research survey design. The study was carried out in West Kenya Sugar Company Limited which is located in Kakamega County, Kenya. The target population for this study was drawn from a population of 2400 employees of West Kenya Sugar Company Limited out of which 220 employees were sampled for the study. 183(83.18%) response rate was obtained which is acceptable for a subsequent data analysis as 60% and above is the recommended response rate in social research. The study targeted key informants like the managers and supervisors who had good understanding of the operations of the company. Purposive sampling method was be used to select the key informants. Simple random sampling was used to select unionizable employees. This study used questionnaires and interview schedule as the primary instruments of data collection. Descriptive and inferential analysis were conducted by the aid of Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS). Simple linear regression model was used for inferential analysis. Analyzed data was then presented using tables. The study found out that job sharing significantly affects employee performance hence the study rejected the null hypotheses and recommends that manufacturing companies in Kakamega County should embraced job sharing as an ingredient of work life balance for better employees performance.

Keywords: Work-life balance, Job sharing, and employees’ performance



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