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Article Published In Vol.3 (Nov-Dec-2015)

Kaizen: Potentiality in Utilization of Human Prospects to Achieve Continuous Improvement in the Quality of Higher Education

Pages : 1223-1229

Author : Hossain Mohammed Omar Khayum

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The paper contains definition of Kaizen, describes its philosophy and a brief of basic terms. Kaizen strives to empower the subordinates, increase their satisfaction, facilitates a sense of accomplishment and thereby creates a pride of work. The most important idea of the paper is utilization of these human potential to achieving continuous improvement and competitiveness in the field of quality education in different universities, where it is intended to reach through Kaizen philosophy. Kaizen can help higher educational institutions compete more effectively against both traditional non-profit and newer for-profit sources of higher education. In conclusion, the paper summarizes some practical examples of improvements and benefits, reached through Kaizen and emphasizes general thoughts of Kaizen. Although there were limitations of time, knowledge, experience and resources, the study is to prove the worthiness of the people in an organization.

Keywords: Kaizen, Continuous improvement, human potential, higher education




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