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Article Published In Vol.5 (Nov-Dec-2017)

Ketoifen drug and its use as a modern and accurate sensor respective for trace quantities of Cupper(II)

Pages : 1511-1516

Author : Sabah M. Moltazem and Rabie S. Farag

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The proposed sensor is composed of in curporated of Ketoifen as an electro active material in PVC matrix membrane and dioctyl phthalate or dioctylesepacate as solvent mediators. The sensor exhibited fast and stable near Nernstian cationic response of 29.3 ±0.1 mV concentration decade of Cupper(II) in the concentration range of 1.0× 10-6 -1.0× 10-1 M. The lower limit of detection was 1.5× 10-7± 0.2. It is to be noted that the sensor based on Ketotifen was used throughout this investigation in the pH range 4- 8.5. The sensor displayed a good selectivity for Cupper with respect to a number of common foreign inorganic and organic species. The sensor was also successfully applied for the determination of Cupper (II) in drink water and in waste water.

Keywords: Ketoifen, PVC matrix membrane etc.



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