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Article Published In Vol.2 (July-Aug-2014)

Leaf Epidermal Morphology of Vitellaria paradoxa Gaertn. F., Host Plant of Cirina forda Larva (Westwood) from Different Locations in Nigeria

Pages : 729-734

Author : Oyegoke, O.O., Adepoju, A. O., Ogunkunle, A. T. J. & Olawoore, D.O.

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Anatomical studies on the leaf epidermis of Vitellaria paradoxa from three different locations in Nigeria namely Bida, Irawo and Ogbomoso were undertaken with a view to providing similarities and differences in their leaf epidermal characters. All the leaves were characterized by pinnate venation, undulate margin, oblong shape and acute bases. The leaf length/width ratio was 3:1 in all, while the leaf length/petiole length ratio was 2:1 in Irawo and Bida collections and 3:1 in Ogbomoso collection. The polygonal epidermal cells observed in the leaves had wavy to slightly straight anticlinal wall patterns. The leaves from the three locations were hypostomatic with paracytic stomatal complexes. Variations in epidermal cell shapes and anticlinal wall patterns observed in the leaves were probable adaptations to environmental factors. The results of this study are suggestive of the possible occurrence of different varieties of V. paradoxa in Nigeria.

Keywords: Vitellaria paradoxa, epidermal cells, leaves, stomata, guard cells.






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