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Article Published In Vol.4 (July-Aug-2016)

Methods of Randomization: Overview and Application in Small Clinical Trials

Pages : 700-705

Author : Eduardo Henrique Pirolla, Felipe Piccarone Gonçalves Ribeiro, Fernanda Junqueira Cesar Pirola, Camila Cosmo and Melany DiBiasi

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Background: This manuscript is a guide to help students in their preparation to design a clinical study. Randomized clinical trials are required to investigate different therapeutic approaches and their efficacy.
Discussion: The authors discuss the great importance of a well-applied randomization technique as a fundamental tool to increase the internal validity of a clinical study. Applying a didactic approach, we use examples of studies in different areas to demonstrate the efficacy of randomization and the different methods to perform it.
Conclusion: After years of study, the large numbers of benefits of randomization are unquestioned. It is a fantastic tool to fight and avoid bias, boosting statistical power to the research. For a small sample size, some different randomized methods such as stratified randomization may avoid unbalance and validate the outcomes.

Keywords: randomization, small studies, bias, guide, clinical trial, publication.



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