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Article Published In Vol.6 (May-June-2018)

Modified Stoppa’s Procedure-The Call Over to the Surgeons

Pages : 422-423, DOI:

Author : Dr.C.Selvaganesh M.S. and Dr.P.Rajapandi M.S.

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Background: Inguinal hernia – the foreword for all surgeons in their professional career, has always been a mystery box for each and every new case. Even with its oldest history in treatment, it is still the emerging area in the field of surgery.
Aim: To evaluate and analyze the prognosis of the modified STOPPA’S 1,2procedure in the management of bilateral inguinal hernia
Methodology: This work was carried out between AUGUST-2011 to AUGUST-2013, in the period of two years, totally 30 patients were included in the study including direct, indirect and combined. The results were studied on basis of length of hospitalization, major and minor complication, recurrence rates.
Results: The outcome at the end of 1 year of follow-up was excellent. None of the patient developed recurrence, whereas other complications were less than 10% individually. Follow up was done for 5 years completely.
Conclusion: stoppa procedure has an established place in the treatment of bilateral inguinal hernias and also recurrent hernias, with the modification that has been carried out in this study, the nowadays forgotten and less preferred procedure will gain its power due to its effectiveness.



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