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Article Published In Vol.2 (March-April-2014)

Privacy Preserving Against Untrusted Browser Origins and Personalized Powerful Password Management

Pages : 377-385

Author : Nooruldeen Nasih Qader

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Recent researches reveal the necessity of terminating the incorrect notion that password is dead and confirms that these believe has been hurtful. And suggest a campaign to emphases developing password (PW) use. Because of usability, PW security stills the most used methods in information security (IS), it is also, consider most challengers to researchers and needs more improving. In fact, authentication, on the web is dominated by PWs, mandating that users select solid PW. In this study, I indicated using, growing, and ongoing of PW, and the necessity of efficient PW management, especially with web browser based applications. Therefore, I analyzed some of common PW managers. PW managers can manage easily a bunch of unique, strong, and secure PW, which link users to the various websites. On the other hand, I collected nowadays data about practicing PW security. The data were analyzed and shown the necessity of improving and utilizing PW. As well as, I proposed categorize PW users, this categorization helps: IS developer to be more realistic when they design application and security polices, also, directs users to select appropriate strategies and techniques.

Keywords: Security; Password; Phishing; hacker; usability; authentication; web; LastPass; KeePass





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