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Article Published In Vol.11 (July-Aug 2023)

Psychotherapy in the Indian Context with SEHT-Some Reflections

Pages : 356-360, DOI:

Author : Dr Brahmdeep Sindhu1, Dr Amita Puri2, Dr Vikas Sharma3, Dr Swati Sindhu, Ms Purnima Bamel, Saumya Jogi, Mr. Aman Kumar and Taniya Singh

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Psychotherapy, particularly in the Indian setting, can be considered as an interpersonal approach of alleviating pain. Although the Indian perspective, unlike many Western systems, lacks a clinical foundation, it does present a more holistic worldview. In the Indian psychotherapy approach, there are different paradigms that have universal validity in terms of personality development, interpersonal adjustment, and symptomatic alleviation for holistic recovery. The purpose of this essay is to highlight the possibilities of an old Indian point of view in the management of wellness and quality of life at both the individual and communal levels.

Keywords: Psychotherapy, SEHT – Subconscious Energy Healing Therapy



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