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Article Published In Vol.11 (Nov-Dec 2023)

Reinforcement of TVET as a Prerequisite for the industrial development of a nation: The Nigeria Experience

Pages : 458-463, DOI:

Author : Godwin Oberhiri – Orumah

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Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) plays an essential role in developing diverse human talents, passing on technical skills, and promoting employment, innovation, and entrepreneurship. As a critical part of the national education system and the development of human resources, vocational education in Nigeria should be adequately funded to realize the transfer of technical skills and the promotion of employment and entrepreneurship. This paper aims to explore the strengthening of TVET to meet industry needs in the changing world of work, with the Nigerian experience in vocational education as a case study for Africa. The methodology adopted is the participatory bottom-up approach. It is found that vocational education in Nigeria has gone through a series of name changes before settling on its current nomenclature. It should be noted, however, that vocational education is critical to accompaniment universal academic education to structure a nation, there is a strong challenge it faces to gain recognition and status like general education. Some of these difficulties could be identified as curriculum design, poor linkages with industries, public perception, and other structural issues. The current study also discusses how to overcome and ameliorate these challenges to better technical education in Nigeria and Africa.

Keywords: Technical Vocational Education and Training, Strategies, World of Work, Entrepreneurship, industry.



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