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Article Published In Vol.10 (Nov-Dec 2022)

Relationship Between Perceived Stress & Locus of Control in Indian Young Adults

Pages : 513-516, DOI:

Author : Sunaina Sharma and Dr. Nadeem Luqman

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Stress as a factor has a major impact on the human life. The Mental Health Foundation’s (UK) 2018 study with 4,619 participants showed that 74% people experienced overwhelming stress that affected their lives significantly at psychological and behavioral levels. Past literature indicates of a relation between perceived stress and locus of control orientation. The present study is an attempt to investigate this relationship in Indian young adults aged 18-30 years. The sample consisted of 107 participants and the tools used were Perceived Stress Scale (PSS-10) (Cohen et al., 1983) and Levenson’s Locus of Control Scale (Levenson, 1973). The results revealed that there is a positive relationship between higher levels of perceived stress and greater external locus of control in young adults.

Keywords: Perceived Stress, Locus of Control, Internal, External, Young Adults



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