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Article Published In Vol.12 (May-June 2024)

Research on the Integration Strategy of Cognition, Exercise, Nutrition, and Behaviorin the Community Health Promotion Model

Pages : 264-267, DOI:

Author : Katherine Ning LI

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Background and Purpose: Community health promotion is a complex systematic project involving the comprehensive
consideration of multiple factors. This study explores the integration strategy of cognition, exercise, nutrition, and
behavior in the community health promotion model, providing a theoretical basis for formulating more comprehensive and effective community health intervention measures. Methods: Through a literature review and expert interviews, the study comprehensively examines the role of cognition, exercise, nutrition, and behavior in community health promotion and summarizes the existing integration strategies. Additionally, a one-year intervention trial was conducted in a community, where the integrated strategy was applied in practice and evaluated for effectiveness. Results: The study finds that cognition, exercise, nutrition, and behavior interact and influence each other, playing an indispensable role in community health promotion. Integrated, multi-element intervention strategies are more effective than single interventions. The intervention trial shows that the coordinated implementation of optimized cognitive education, physical exercise, balanced diet, and behavior habit modification can significantly improve community residents’ physical and mental health. Conclusion: Community health promotion requires taking into account multiple dimensions, such as cognition, exercise, nutrition, and behavior, and adopting an integrated strategy for comprehensive intervention to improve the health literacy and quality of life of community residents. This study provides theoretical and practical support for formulating more scientific and effective community health promotion strategies.

Keywords: Community health promotion, Cognition, Exercise, Nutrition, Behavior ,Integration strategy



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