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Article Published In Vol.2 (Sept-Oct-2014)

Respiratory Allergies and or Skin at the Personnel in Care of Tlemcen Medical Analysis Laboratories

Pages : 1018-1025

Author : Meziane. Z, Taleb A, Bouanani.A, Mahdad.S, Lachachi.A and Aounallah.S.A

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The main objective of our study is to determine the prevalence of respiratory allergies and skin at. the personnel of the medical laboratories of care of the wilaya of Tlemcen. It is a descriptive cross-sectional study from the month of November 2013 in may 2014; Bearing on the staff of the laboratories for medical analyses of care institutions private and public of the wilaya of Tlemcen, whose 69 agents on 229 laboratory personnel or a rate of 30.13% with respiratory allergy and skin. Staff nursing laboratories for medical Analyses that presents respiratory clinical manifestations and or skin triggered or aggravated by work. A general clinical examination is practiced by the occupational physician; notices specialized: ORL of Dermatology and possibly the pulmonologist questioned looking for associated allergic disease (rhinitis, asthma). The registration of a flow – volume using a spirometer curve. Formula for blood count with determination of the rate of Eosinophilia: looking for a hyper Eosinophilia that is often transient but relapses [42]. The practice of skin testing: the prick-tests were performed by a physician allerguologue. Indicate whether or not the Organization has a reaction to the suspected allergen. The skin epi tests: the test patch. These tests have a dual function, highlight an allergic mechanism, and identify the responsible allergen. Statistical treatment: the seizure of data and descriptive analysis of results are carried out on SPSS software. Version 17

Keywords: Respiratory-Tlemcen-prick-tests-statistics-asthma allergy – rhinitis




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