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Article Published In Vol.8 (May-June 2020)

Review of Energy Balance and Efficiency Enhancement Options for Marine Diesel Engines

Pages : 426-432, DOI:

Author : Nader R. Ammar and Fathi A. Elwazzan

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Most prime movers and auxiliary generators of ships are diesel engines. Owing to both the cheapest residual fuel oil and the maximum performance compared to all the other heat engines, high-pressure combustion engine is used as the main propulsion for the vessels. The present paper discusses the available literature on the energy balance and efficiency enhancement options for marine diesel engines. The analysis of the energy balance provides valuable information on the amount of the supplied fuel energy in the engine systems and defines the preventable losses of the actual engine cycle as regards the ideal cycle. Energy balance can be considered as a significant framework to lay out the components of the engine. The onboard diesel engines have an output of approximately 48–51 percent and the remainder of the input energy is emitted into the environment including exhaust gas, jacket cooling water, and other losses. The review extends to the options for improving diesel engine efficiency. These options include the use of steam turbine, exhaust gas boiler, and exhaust gas turbine.

Keywords: Marine diesel engine, Heat balance, Engine efficiency, Efficiency enhancement options



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