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Article Published In Vol.5 (Jan-Feb-2017)

Scientific Theory of Propagation of Light and Sound (Word) in Sanskrit Literature

Pages : 122-124

Author : Dr.Bhola Mishra, D.Lit.

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Modern scientific theory of propagation of light and sound (word) is the most important theory under the wave system in modern physics. According to this theory light and sound (word) propagate one place to other on the basis of their won frequencies. The frequency of light is far-Thousands of million and billion hertz in a second than sound. That is why light comes first than sound (Word). Above mentioned characteristics regarding light and sound have been observed firstly by a Dutch physicist Cristin Huygens. That very observation regarding the characteristics of light and sound (word) especially their propagation became the base and aim (achievement) among next coming generation and among them, in fact, after a long time, Thomas Young and Fresnel became the heroes of this goal. Both (physicist) scientists experimented the realities of the observed and after much satisfaction made a solid theory upon it established by the name”the theory of propagation of light and sound.” The oldest literature of the world, in Sanskrit (literature) also there is a deep concern upon light and sound (word) and this has been much discussed. Not only the origin and characteristics of scientific light and sound but also especially their travelling from the sun to the earth. Related to this, there are several examples in old Sanskrit literature. In Rigveda Samhita there are separate suktas like savitr and vac (sound) has been deeply discussed. Yati devah savita paravatah means the light of the sun comes from haven to the earth. Also in many branches of modern Sanskrit literature there are special attentions especially on travelling of light and sound (word) and by their different opinions rise so many important themes that are impossible even now in modern physics theory. Propagation of light and sound, this theory became weak in the eyes of Sanskrit literature which needs much and more modifications.

Keywords: Light and Sound etc.



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