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Article Published In Vol.8 (May-June 2020)

SLM-OJ: Surrogate Learning Mechanism during Outbreak Juncture

Pages : 421-425, DOI:

Author : Shahzad Ashraf, M. Ashfaq Khan, Zeeshan A. Arfeen, Tauqeer Ahmed

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During epidemic outbreak it is hard to continue formal leaning and training routines specially when whole world is facing corona virus fistula. It is crucial to identify and share the best practices and innovations to enable teaching and learning to take place during outbreak juncture. This will reinforce the basis for more sustainable and balanced schooling solutions as the crisis decreases. The biggest solution to cuts of schools is to plunge into cyberspace and distance learning, establishing a symbiosis between humans and the computers. Ideally, specific contents, learning outcomes, and a set of instructions are desirable. Use various media and technology, students can learn more in different ways and obtain varying results at various levels. Technologies can be compared along several characteristics. These features form a foundation for evaluating emerging innovations, seeing where they fit into the current environment and determining their potential benefits and limitations. Today, technology appears to become more communicative and richer in media, thereby giving educators and students powerful resources to achieve desired learning outcomes.

Keywords: Learning system, formal education, technology, alternate, resources



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