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Article Published In Vol.2 (July-Aug-2014)

Study of some Biochemical Changes in the Blood Serum of Sadet-Al-Hindiah/Cement Factory Workers /Babylon/Iraq

Pages : 700-702

Author : Modhir N. A., Mohamed A. Reza and Rawaa . J.

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This study included the investigation of (GPT) (Glutamate pyruvate trans aminase and (GoT) Glutamate oxaloacetate , ALP (Alkaline phosphatase, cholesterol, protein, albumin.TGs, HDL and some minerals such as Ca,Na and K The study included male and female workers distributed in two group the first group included cement workers , where as the second group was control group.The results revealed significant increasing in TGs, cholesterol, AlP and GoT for cement workers (males and females) as compared in control group (p<0.05) where as a significant increasing indicated in protein,albumin and GPT for females as compared in control group .The results also showed a nonsignificat increasing in Ca,Na and K concentration Generally female cement workers more affected in cement pollution than male workers .

Keywords: GPT, GoT etc.





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