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Article Published In Vol.4 (Sept-Oct-2016)

Suicide Prone Occupations

Pages : 841-842

Author : Manpreet Ola

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Suicide the word in itself brings with it flooding emotions of despair, grief, sadness and depression. Many researchers have conducted studies on this topic, few have also provided with recommendations to combat it, yet there is no strong visible change towards low suicide rates. With India being the rapidly increasing super power, it’s the prime task of all mental health professionals to provide quality services to individuals working in various occupations, who are not able to deal with the rapidly rising demands of the working industry, nor the stresses that accompany the consequences of failure, and very sadly we are losing our very essential jewels to this, such as our care takers “doctors”, our protectors “police officers” and our food providers “the farmers”.. Through this review article, the author intends to cover these aspects and look for ways and create awareness regarding this grave issue.

Keywords: Mental health, Suicide, Occupations and Mental illness



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