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Article Published In Vol.1 (Sept-Oct-2013)

Technology diffusion & Economic performance indicator of a small Business and Innovation

Pages : 90-99

Author : Pilli Ravikanth and Pasham Prathyusha Reddy

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In this article, we inspect innovation, technology diffusion and impacts of Economic performance indicator of a small Business and indicate that, despite the fact that these three ideas have their particular written works and could be managed freely, they are nearly related. Various governments push small organizations for the dual clarifications of developing `break– through’ innovations and occupation improvement. Small business is making a paramount commitment to the advancement of technology with commercial ventures at residential and national levels. A system is displayed which investigates the feasible and subjective of those included in innovation for small business, and the close insight into the technology diffusion in small business and impacts of economic performance indicator of a small business which will be shown in this study.

Keywords: Small business, Economic Indicator, Business, Technology diffusion and Innovation





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