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Article Published In Vol.2 (March-April-2014)

Tele-Immersion Applications to Control Violation of Development Control Rules

Pages : 241-246

Author : Dr. T.N.Boob and Abhijeet T. Boob

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Tele-immersion is one of the most impressive concepts and emerging technology which is aimed to enable users in geographically distributed sites to collaborate in real time in a shared simulated environment as if they were in the same physical room. It is an advanced form of virtual reality. The Tele -immersion technology uses a ” Tele -cubicle” which is equipped with large screens, scanners, sensors and cameras. Applications of Tele-immersion are many folds which includes field of education, medical & technical. In a Tele immersive environment, computer recognized the presence and movements of individuals as well as physical and virtual objects. They can then track these people and nonliving objects and project them in a realistic way across many geographic locations.In this context the main objective of this paper is to give an overview about this evolving research and its application in controlling the violation of development control rules which at present violated at large scale at urban places and difficult for the municipal councils officials to control it because of physical absence of the officials on site during construction. Use of tele-immersion application may prove to be an effective tool in making transparency in pri and post building permission process.

Keywords: Tele-immersion, virtual reality, real-time information, Cave scope, development control rules.




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