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Author Guidelines

Manuscript preparation

  • The article should be up to 20 pages (10MB) comprising:
  • The font should be 10 pt times new roman with 10 pt headings (Not bold)
  • The sub headings should be italic (Not Bold)
  • The manuscript must be in single line spacing
  • An abstract should be fewer than 200 words containing the main results and conclusions
  • Up to ten keywords that accurately identify the paper’s subject, purpose and focus
  • Materials and methods with sufficient full experimental detail. Sources of material  must be given and statistical methods must be specified by reference, unless non-standard
  • Use SI units wherever possible. In case of other units the equivalent units should be written in the brackets e.g. 1kgf (9.8N)
  • Results should be presented concisely, using well-designed tables  and tables should not be drawn with line drawing and similarly the figures
  • Write name of the table above the table and name of the figure below figure
  • Discussion should cover the implications and consequences, not merely summarize the results and conclusions should be concise
  • Acknowledgement should be brief and meaningful, insignificant formalities should be avoided
    Write the name of the table above table and name of the figure below the figure
    References should be given in brackets as shown below:

Thermal spraying (A. Bhatia et al, 1999) is a group of processes wherein a feed stock material is heated and propelled as individual particles or droplets onto a surface (W. J. Kim et al, 2007)

A. Bhatia, (1999), Thermal Spray Technology and Applications, Continuing Education and Development, Inc., pp.1-2

W. J. Kim1, J. G. Kim1, Y. S. Kim, Ismail Ozdemir, and Y. Tsunekawa (2007),  Wear-Corrosion of Cast Iron Thermal Spray Coatings on Al Alloy for Automotive Components, Metals and Materials International, Vol. 13, No. 4, pp.1-5

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